In the debut episode of the Hunting Fatherhood Podcast, I interview a longtime friend, Rev. Cdr. Tom Warren.

Tom and I met at the US Coast Guard Academy in 1999. He invited me to join his family dove hunt for 17 years running before I agreed. My first ever hunt was 2 months before I became a dad. The experience made me realize that something was missing from my life, and hunting was part of the answer.

We talk about how he got started hunting, what hunting means to him, and me and his son sharing our first hunt with his dad’s last.

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2 comments on “001 – Reverend Commander Tom Warren

  1. William Warren Jun 21, 2021

    I enjoyed your first podcast with my brother Tom. It brought back quite a few memories! I especially felt your concern that your son might one day decide not to hunt and that you would continue to hunt. That is how it happened with my son. Somehow we grew apart but I continued to hunt because it is who I am. For a time work got in the way but the family dove hunt was a way to go hunting at least once a year even with a heavy work schedule. Now that Im retired I am back to hunting. Like you I started on public land and there are still great opportunities on public lands. I rarely deer hunt with a gun other than a muzzleloader. Archery is my passion especially the American Semi Longbow. And while getting a deer is great it is not the whole focus of my hunts which is opposite of what most hunters objective is. These days, my main objective is just being there and melding the with my chosen hunting ground, observing everything in it as it is happening. I am excited that we are only a couple of months away from dove season and I look forward to seeing you and your son at the hunt!
    Duncan Warren

    • Duncan,

      Thanks for sharing! I consider myself fortunate just to have the opportunity to get in the field, and to be included in the Warren tradition. I’m looking forward to seeing if my son develops an interest, but it’s fine if hunting isn’t for him. We have our own actvities that we enjoy together, and I love seeing him experience new things. I’m looking forward to this year’s trip as well!