017 – Mandy Henderson

Mandy Henderson is a cardiac nurse by trade. She deals with the stress of life and nursing through fishing, and posts a lot of fishing pictures on her @onefishynurse instagram account. Also dad jokes! She also writes... Read more

016 – Joe Moran, Retired

For nearly 40 years, Joe Moran has played a role in some manner or another in the lives of boy scouts, fishing enthusiasts, and his family. These days, he’s spending his time up in the... Read more

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Fly Recipe Recommender

If you are looking for flies with the material you have on hand, try searching for them here. FlyTyingVideoSearchApp Let’s Tie Flies!

My Dove Bucket, 2021

The North Carolina dove season opens in two days. I plan to be there with my buddy Tom’s family. This year, I’m taking my wife and son with me. At the moment, it’s the only…

The Calm After the Storm

My day was, as most are, stuffed to the gills with the administrivia I’d rather not do but must as a government employee. Top of mind as the sun rose was an email I needed…

Zombie Squirrels

A funny thing happened on the way to the squirrel woods… I’ve been having this problem when hunting deer on public land early to mid-season. I hike in before sunrise or sunset, usually a mile…