019 – Logan Webster, Camoretro

October 20, 2021

I interview Logan Webster, founder of Camoretro, the online marketplace for outdoor enthusiasts. He started the company not as a marketplace, but as a passion project reviewing vintage outdoor gear from his and his father’s closets. After listening to his audience, he grew it into a successful business that increases hunter access to quality gear and brings people with a passion for the outdoors together. 

Logan shares some stories about his early days hunting with his father and the important role his uncles played in his evolution as a hunter. We also talk about vintage gear, starting a business as an underdog, and finding ways to pay it forward in the hunting community. Plus, he invented his own dad joke.

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Shot Down by Josh Woodward; https://www.joshwoodward.com/song/shotdown

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Back to the Woods by Jason Shaw; https://audionautix.com/creative-commons-music

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